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May 2006
SIH presentation at NERC conference March 15

Calliope magazine features Friendship and related documents in Feb. 2006 Spice Trade issue


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SALEM in History: The Science and Art of Learning from Evidence and Materials in History is a content-based, professional development program open to teachers of American history in the Salem Public School district. As a joint effort of the Salem Public Schools, Salem State College, the Peabody Essex Museum and the National Park Service, SALEM in History aims to increase the depth, breadth and quality of teachers' knowledge and understanding of United States history, and provide teachers with the training, materials and support necessary to apply this new knowledge and understanding in their classrooms. SALEM in History is funded by a three-year Teaching American History grant from the U.S. Department of Education. For more about SALEM in History, U.S. government departments and federal agencies please click here.

US/World: American Foreign Relations
American Political Thought

Social Change and Social Reform

Immigration & Migration
An Industrious People
Salem As Place

Six Core Themes

All SALEM in History activities relate to six core themes intended to encourage participants to see an historical narrative and sequential pattern in American history.