In Provincial Congress, Watertown, May 8th, 1775. Timothy Pickering Papers (not completely processed). Phillips Library, Peabody Essex Museum. Transcription by Abaigeal Duda.

In Provincial Congress, Watertown, May 8th, 1775

Whereas there are divers Persons now in this Colony, who have by their Conduct discovered themselves to be Enemies to the Rights of Mankind, and the Interest of America; and whereas our very peculiar Situation, renders it absolutely necessary, not only to discriminate them from those who have shewn a Disposition to be friendly to their Country; but likewise to put it out of their Power to join with the open and avowed Enemies of America, in their Endeavours [sic]to injure and subjugate their Countrymen to the full Operations of the tyrannical System of the British Administration, and the Ruin and Destruction concerted by the British Parliament against these Colonies-

Therefore RESOLVED, That it be and hereby is recommended to the several Committees of Correspondence in the several Towns and districts where such Committees have been appointed, and to the Selectmen of such Towns and Districts as have not appointed them, to enquire into the Principles and Conduct of such suspected Persons, and that they cause all such to be disarmed who do not give them full and ample Assurances, in which they can with Safety confide, of their Readiness to join their Country men on all Occasions; in Defence [sic] of the Rights and Liberties of America; and likewise that they take effectual Steps to put it out of the Power of such Persons to obstruct by any Means whatever, the Measures which shall be taken for the Common Defence [sic]; and it is also hereby recommended to the good People of this Colony, that they take effectual Care to secure Obedience to the several Resolves of Congress, for the Regulation of the Militia, and case a due Regard to be paid to the Orders of the several Military Officers, who have been elected by the Suffrages of the several Companies and Regiments, agreeable to the Resolves of Congress.

Joseph Warren, President P.T.
Attst. Samuel Freeman, Secretary P.T. .