Meeting Minutes: Meeting of the Merchants of Marblehead, 18 October, 1769. Transcription by Abaigeal Duda.


At a Meeting of ye Merchants of ye Town of Marblehead
Oct. 18th 1769 at Major Reeds Tavern in Town aforsaid. [sic]

Voted 1stly That Jeremiah Lee Esq. be Moderator
2ndly That Elbridge Gerry be Clerk

3dly That, a Committee, consisting of three Persons, bee chosen, to concert with ye Salem Committee, &
  Glocester [sic], (if chosen) in pursuing Measures, to remove Impositions wch have already taken Place, & to prevent any which may happen, in ye Regulations of ye Custom Course Fees.
4thly That ye Hon’r Robert Hooper Esq’r., Benj’n Marston & [John] Gallison Esq’r. [?]
5thly That At ye Adjournment of this Meeting, Report be made by ye Committee afores’d of ye Resolution
  of ye three Committees, in order for Concurrence
6thly That this Meeting be adjourned to Monday and being ye 23rd [?] at 6 oclock [sic] P.M.- Merc
At a Meeting of ye Merchants of the Town [of] Marblehead Oc’r. [illeg] at Place afores’d agreeable to adjournment
Noted 1st That ye former Moderator Jeremiah Lee Esq. being absent, William Mourne Esq. be chosen Moderator –
2dly That, as ye Report of ye Committee chosen for Purposes signified in ye 3d vote of ye last Meeting, sheweth
[to back of page]Vote 2d continued.
That the Glocester [sic] Committee not being appointed nothing was transacted & if meeting ye Salem Committee, this Meeting be adjourned to Monday ye 30th October at 6 oclock [sic], Place as before.