Benjamin Burton
Powder Horn
Cow horn and wood
Peabody Essex Museum

"At the age of twenty-three, Burton was one of the 'Indians' responsible for dumping British tea into Boston Harbor in 1773 to protest new taxes. He went on to fight in the Revolutionary War. this horn is dated '2nd Febr. AD 1778,' and is inscribed with the defiant motto 'Dont Tread on Me' along with an image of a rattlesnake, which symbolized the American cause. The phrases 'Trouble Not the mind For what you cannot Fine' and 'Liberty' are also interspersed with images of birds, sea serpaents, dragons, female and male busts, and a simple landscape."

Quoted from: In the American Spirit: Folk Art from the Collections. Peabody Essex Museum, 5 May through 30 September 1994; p 17.