Joshua Grafton Probate Inventory, 1699. Essex County Records, Massachusetts Archives, Probate Records.  Transcription by Emerson Baker, Ph.D. Professor of History, Salem State College, Salem, MA.
(Account of Administraton page 1. Description below image.)

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This probate is discussed at length in chapter one of Laurel Thatcher Ulrich’s Good Wives (1982), and provides and interesting contrast for the domestic economy suggested by the Francis Plummer probate records that are addressed in the same chapter. Joshua and Hanna Grafton resided in Salem and had three children at the time of Joshua’s death.  He worked as a mariner, and the couple also kept a small shop attached to their home.  Ulrich notes that the presence of the shop indicates that Hanna would have been unlike many other women in Salem because during her husband’s absences at sea, she would have served as the shopkeeper.