Francis Plummer Will and Inventory, 1672.  Essex County Records, Massachusetts Archives, Probate Records: 24 January 1672. 
(Inventory - verso - pictured. Description below image.)

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Francis and Beatrice Plummer lived in Newbury, Massachusetts in the seventeenth century. They maintained a modest household supported by Francis’s work as a linen weaver, a smithy, a carpenter and a farmer of a sixteen-acre plot with an additional twenty acres for his animals.  Beatrice was his second wife.  In Good Wives (1982), Laurel Thatcher Ulrich writes of Beatrice that, “the contents of her inventory suggest that Beatrice Plummer was adept not only at roasting, frying, and boiling but also at baking, the most difficult branch of cookery.” (20)  This inventory provides evidence of their domestic economy.